Termites May Destroy The Long Term Value Of Your Property

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What you should know...

In the United States, the three types of Termites which are significant are Drywood Termites, Subterranean Termites and Dampwood Termites.

Since Termites eat, breed and move within sealed passages, enormous amounts of wood can be consumed before they are detected. Termites can frequently create extensive damage without any visible surface indication that they are present.  Failure to stop a Termite attack can result in loss of support from sills, joists, girders and other important load bearing elements of construction.

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Aliminator Pest Control will inspect your home or property for Termites free of charge and establish the most effective method of treatment. 

This may include the use of Termite shields to prevent access to wooden areas, or creating an impenetrable chemical barrier of soil insecticide between the soil mass in which the termite depends for moisture and the wood of the property. Options can be customized to include a 10 year Guarantee.

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