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Description:Usually around 1/2 inch in length, stinkbugs are green or brown in color and have a trapezoidal shaped body. Its name is derived from the tendency to excrete a foul odor  from its pores when disturbed. They feed primarily on plants and represent a threat to various agricultural crops.

Harborages: Stinkbugs typically live outdoors, but are many times found indoors as they seek a warm, protected place to overwinter in during the fall. This can lead them into buildings and homes near their outdoor habitats.

Process of Alimination:

In homes experiencing large stinkbug populations, closing as many potential entry points as possible is crucial to prevention. This may include sealing cracks and crevices around the structure and door and window frames, installing insect screens in vents, and installing an insect light trap in areas where they are most prevalent or observed to be entering.