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Description: Usually 1/4 of an inch or smaller, springtails are gray or black in color and have a tail-like appendages beneath their bodies that are used for jumping when threatened. Because of their small nature and jumping ability, they are commonly mistaken for fleas. However, unlike fleas they do not bite and are not parasitic to humans, feeding primarily on organic matter.

Harborages: Springtails usually live outdoors in moist areas where their food sources are abundant. They are sometimes found indoors, usually in the basement or kitchen and can develop huge populations if they have a food source and are left undisturbed.

Process of Alimination:

In homes that are experiencing large springtail populations, reduction of moist conditions in conjunction with a professionally applied insecticide in the relevant areas is critical. This may include installing a dehumidifier, improving ventilation, and ensuring the drainage is sufficient around the foundation of the structure.