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Description:Usually growing no larger than 2 inches in length, the centipedes most common to NJ ranges from a grayish-yellow to brown in color. They are nocturnal and feed on other insects and spiders. The House Centipede is characterized by its exceptionally long legs.

 Harborages: Typically found outdoors in moist areas, such as landscape and mulch, or in crawlspaces and areas in the soil beneath the house. The House Centipede can be found in any room in the house that holds moisture, usually basements and bathrooms.

Process of Alimination:

The most helpful steps in reducing centipedes living outside the home starts with sealing cracks and crevices in the exterior of the structure. This will reduce the number of entry points centipedes have into the home. Additionally, moving mulch and dense vegetation farther away from the home will deplete the food supply. Indoors, improving ventilation and lowering humidity in harborage areas can be effective, but in areas where the centipede population is observed to be plentiful, professional application of an insecticide is recommended.