Beetles come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The red flour beetle and confused flour beetle along with the saw toothed grain beetle are common  pest species of stored food products such as grains, flour, herbs, beans, peas and a variety of starchy foods. 

The Carpet beetles are also scavengers that do significant damage to clothing, upholstering, curtains and furniture stuffing particularly those with wool content. The most significant of the carpet beetles is the black carpet beetle which feeds on a variety of plant and animal products especially those that are left alone for some time. 

Process of Alimination:

Most beetle related problems can be solved by removing or disposing of infested food products and washing infested linens or clothing. Keeping food tightly stored and routinely disposing of old or expired food products can typically solve a great deal of the pest problem. Additionally, harborages can be treated with an insecticide provided it does not come in contact with food products. Click our  Free E-Quote form for an estimate.