Bees and Wasps are social insects that establish nests where they bring food to their young or larvae. Most wasps or bees will not sting unless the nest or individual is threatened. Stinging is more likely to occur on cloudy or cool days when the individual bees are not out foraging.

In general, the stings of bees or wasps cause only localized pain except in cases where allergic reactions can sometimes cause death. Common symptoms include tiredness, anxiety, chest constriction, drops in blood pressure and sometimes unconscious collapse.

Nests can be built in a variety of places including under the eaves of houses, in roof or panel siding, in trees, and other structures that may provide an element of safety or obscurity for the hive.

Process of Alimination.

Aliminator technicians will typically remove an active hive using both an insecticide dust and aerosol spray followed by a closure of any remaining gaps or openings in the structure which may allow for a hive to be rebuilt in the future. For an estimate on removing a hive please fill out our Free E-Quote form.