FMC Bed Bug Detector

Aliminator Pest Control utilizes The Verifi™ bed bug detector which has been designed to exploit bed bug biology and behavior in order to attract and detect both host-seeking bed bugs and aggregation-seeking bed bugs.

The replaceable Verifi™ CO2 booster pack mimics a living, breathing host for about 24 hours using an exclusive chemical reaction to generate carbon dioxide. This reaction starts upon activation and requires no batteries or other power source.

The replaceable Verifi lure features two additional attractants: a kairomone, to attract bed bugs seeking a meal, and a pheromone that encourages bed bugs to aggregate in the harborage area of the device. Consistent amounts of these attractants are continuously emitted for up to 90 days. 

These attractants are segregated within the device to prevent confusion of the bed bugs. The CO2 and kairomone attract host-seeking bed bugs to the pitfall of the device, while the pheromone attracts aggregation-seeking bed bugs to the harborage area. This helps make Verifi one of the most effective and irresistable detectors on the market.

Bed bugs fall into the pitfall and are unable to climb out, ensuring the pests can’t escape detection. Tiny holes at the bottom of the pitfall allow attractants to be emitted but prevent any small nymphs from slipping into the device.

A harborage area on the back of the detector encourages bed bugs to gather so that bed bugs, cast skins, eggs and other visual evidence can be observed, signifying an infestation.

Aliminator will professionally install and monitor  Verifi™  Bed Bug detectors on your property at your request. Please fill out the Bed Bug Estimate for an installation appraisal.