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Ants of many kinds are found throughout the world and in many different habitats. They are one of the most advanced and successful insect groups. Ants are social insects that live in colonies in a caste system. They have high moisture requirements and will nest near moisture or travel to get it. Ants are generally considered beneficial insects but will sometimes invade homes for foraging and species that nest in wood can cause structural damage. Most ants are attracted to sugary foods.

Carpenter Ants (left) both red and black are two species of economic importance. These ants nest in wood, typically wood that is already old and decayed or damaged due to moisture. Carpenter ant damage is sometimes confused with Termite damage in that both insects have a similar appearance and swarm during season. One important distinction is the carpenter ant tunnels within wooden structures are clean while termites leave a fecal residue. Other types of Ants which do not cause structural damage but may become a nuisance due to the extensive distance they travel to forage (several hundred feet) are the Pharaoh Ant, Thief Ant, Pavement Ant, Little Black Ant, and Yellow Ant. 

Process of Alimination:

Aliminator technicians will identify the type of ant concerning you, and systematically isolate and blockade foraging access to and from the nest. This may include the use of insecticide bait or dust depending specific type of infestation and level of activity. For a service estimate, please click our Free E-Quote.  Inspections are always free and can be scheduled by calling 732-777-1771